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Listen to customers' requirements and their settlement goals

SAOS understand that a satisfactory house is not only for staying but it is also a place for relaxing after a hard-working day. Therefore, out of getting a nice house, the essential utilities are also a very important factor to get a perfect living. With rich experience, always listening to understand the wishes from customers, SAOS will provide the most suitable real estate products to you.

From the requirements that customers provide, SAOS will analyze the living environment of the apartment and residential projects; regional utilities such as education, entertainment, relaxation, security ... to provide customers with the best products. Information is surveyed and updated from the customers who live and experience the realities in those areas.

Dedicated and professional staff

SAOS strives to eliminate the gap "Broker" to become a Real Estate consultant, with a team of knowledgeable employees who know each area and the hot spot of real estate, investment opportunities of each property, and we will give you the most suitable choice.

In addition, SAOS staff has long-term experience working with foreigners, so we are confident to support international customers in finding a property in Vietnam.

Our team is available 24 hours to help and guide you through the process. The chat system on the website is connected to our expert's phone to make sure there is a response to your message as soon as possible.

Easily negotiate with reasonable rent

We know that if we can be negotiated the best rent, the customer decides to rent that property will be faster. Therefore, we will :

•        Point out the advantages and disadvantages of the property.

•        Show you the recent trading price of the neighboring properties.

•        Help you to get clear about the host's information, and the reason for selling that property.

•        Suggest to help you get a favorable price

•        Applying technology to accelerate the negotiation process.

•        Accompanied by you in negotiation to get the desired price

Reliable information

In order to avoid losing time of customers,  SAOS always provides real information; Visual videos and images of properties. In additional they are constantly updated.

Register to schedule a home viewing or negotiate & propose prices you can perform right on the Website: Monitor and manage this data right in the Private category or email section.

Free support for legal procedures

Coming with SAOS, you will not worry about the troubles and complex of legal that related real estate transactions because of the professionally trained consultants from SAOS will support and guide you all necessary procedures for completing the transaction taken place safely and fastly.

Securing customer information and not disturbing

At SAOS, we are aware that customers are important assets but it is more important to be trusted by customers. Therefore, the personal information of customers is confidential and does not disturb customers when the transaction has been successful or customers no longer need to use the service.


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