Why should choose SAOS

Real estate information is always updated fully and detailed.

 SAOS desires to bring you the best experience in searching and transacting real estate. With detailed information and accurate images will help customers in searching for desire property and quickly make a decision to buy/rent. The advantage of technology from SAOS will also help customers considerably save in cost, effort and time.

Always follow the negotiation and transaction process.

In the course of Real Estate transactions, both the Seller, the lessor or the customer must perform many legal procedures with much important paperwork such as:

Prepare paperwork -> Prepare contract Rent / Purchase -> Signing and notarization -> Tax declaration and payment -> Procedures to trade name.

All the above procedures will become simple and quick with the support of SAOS Specialist - professionally trained, enthusiastic and always support customers during the process of Buying/Selling & Renting. With SAOS,  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS THE HIGHEST GOAL.

You do not need to bother with the cost of posting and advertising.

SAOS free supports to homeowners everything from professional images, Video recording, to promoting your property in all popular channels and supporting transactional procedures. New technology brings accurate information to people with the right needs to help homeowners find the fastest buyer/lease.

SAOS offices are present at hot spots

SAOS has transaction offices in the hot spot for real estate transactions as District 2 District 3 District 1 ... And near future, we will develop and expand in other locations to provide the best support for the needs of your property.

SAOS Specialist is always in the hot spots of the project, residential areas, high-end apartments to update new products, rental prices and stick to the market situation. Especially, we feedback the property results under the customer’s “order” accurately and quickly.

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